Why Do Teenagers Experience Heartache?

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There are many reasons for heart pain in adolescents, such as congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, aortic dissection aneurysm, tuberculous pericarditis, pleurisy, etc. Of course, some other diseases can also lead to heart pain, such as intercostal neuralgia, costochondritis, herpes zoster, etc. When adolescents experience heart pain, they should promptly go to the hospital for examination to find the specific cause and then treat it accordingly.

Situation 1:

After examination in the hospital, if organic lesions are excluded, it is likely to be caused by cardiac neurosis. This disease is also known as functional heart discomfort, which is mainly caused by dysfunction of the neural circulatory system. It can cause a series of symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, insomnia, and dyspnea. This can also cause patients to experience pain in the precordial region, thereby causing serious impact on the body.

Situation 2:

If it is determined to be caused by cardiac neurosis, doctors should perform psychological therapy on patients, promptly ease their emotions, and relieve anxiety, tension, and worry. Let them maintain a relaxed and pleasant mood. At the same time, we should also encourage patients to participate in outdoor activities more often, which can not only enhance physical fitness and exercise cardiopulmonary function, but also relax their mindset.

Situation 3:

If organic lesions are excluded, it is often caused by cardiac neurosis. For this disease, patients should first relax their mood and ease their emotions, so that the body can recover to a normal state as soon as possible.