What Should I Do If My Temples Feel Swollen?

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When we often stay up late for overtime work or overuse our brains, we may experience temple distention and pain. At this time, it is best to stop working, take appropriate rest, and massage the temples with fingers to effectively relieve discomfort. Additionally, it is worth noting that excessive use of the brain can easily lead to brain fatigue, which can affect memory. Long-term continuation can also accelerate brain aging.

Temple Distention and Pain

When people continuously use their brains for extended periods, they often experience a feeling of pressure or distention in the temples, which is a sign of brain fatigue. Other symptoms may include headache, migraine, and eye fatigue. During prolonged or intense mental labor, a large amount of harmful substances such as free radicals and lactic acid produced by brain cell metabolism accumulate and block the nutritional channels of the brain, resulting in decreased blood oxygen content and poor blood circulation. While the brain's nutrition and energy are extremely consumed, the effective absorption and utilization of nutrients are also hindered. Eventually, this can lead to damage to the balance between the neocortex, limbic system, and diencephalon of the brain, inhibition of brain cell activity, and chronic fatigue syndrome caused by increased and disordered information flow.

Brain fatigue is a common phenomenon, especially among mental workers and students. According to expert surveys and analysis, at least 50% of young people in China experience varying degrees of brain fatigue. It is concerning that this phenomenon is gradually spreading and increasing, which should draw significant attention from parents and teachers.

Causes of Temple Distention and Pain

Brain fatigue can arise from both physical and psychological factors. From a physical perspective, there are two main reasons: excessive use of the brain, leading to an imbalance where the brain becomes easily fatigued but recovers slowly; and improper care of the body, where diseases in the internal organs and limbs can significantly affect the normal functioning of the brain, such as poor blood circulation in the neck, which can cause difficulties in delivering nutrients. From a psychological perspective, there are also two reasons: increasing social competition in the era of the knowledge economy, which emphasizes both physical and mental efforts; and the forced increase in brain workload due to pressure from family, school, and personal situations facing severe academic and job-seeking challenges. This excessive consumption with insufficient intake naturally leads to brain fatigue.

Differential Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis should be made to distinguish temple pain from other causes. There are many reasons for temple pain, but it is essential to understand the underlying cause before treating it. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the cause of temple pain before surgical treatment to choose the best method and achieve the best results.