What Should I Do About Severe Hair Loss During Lactation?

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How to Deal with Severe Hair Loss during Lactation?

During lactation, women may experience severe hair loss. To address this issue, it is recommended to consume foods that promote hair growth and also consider herbal medicine for regulation. It is actually a normal phenomenon for women to lose hair during lactation, primarily due to hormonal influences. It is crucial to maintain a positive mindset and consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are some tips to manage severe hair loss during lactation:

1. Choose Nourishing Shampoo: Using a nourishing shampoo can protect hair strands, prevent tangles and frizz, and make hair smoother and easier to comb after shampooing. Adding a rinse-out conditioner can further improve the situation of excessive hair loss during shampooing.

2. Gentle Hair Washing: When washing hair, it is important to be gentle and use fingertips to gently massage the scalp. Avoid scratching vigorously as it may pull out hairs that are already in the resting phase.

3. Careful Hair Drying: Use a dry towel to pat hair dry, avoiding excessive blow-drying. You can also apply some hair cream to protect the hair. When using a hairdryer, ensure that the temperature is not too high to prevent damage to the hair.

4. Balanced Diet and Comprehensive Nutrition: During lactation, women should pay attention to supplementing protein and eating foods rich in methionine. Iron supplementation is also important, and it is recommended to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. It is incorrect for some mothers to be picky or diet during lactation to maintain their figure.