How to Treat the Condition of Losing Control of Urine When Sneezing?

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Sneezing and urinating uncontrollably require treatment based on the underlying cause. For patients with postpartum relaxation of pelvic floor muscles, pelvic floor exercises can be performed. For patients with acute urethritis, antibiotics such as erythromycin and methylerythromycin can be prescribed for treatment.

Causes of Sneezing and Urinating Uncontrollably

Normally, sneezing should not result in urinating uncontrollably. This condition is a manifestation of urinary incontinence. Clinically, many patients visit doctors for this reason, and they come from various age groups, with varying degrees of severity. Based on the overall situation, the main causes of this condition can be summarized as follows:

1. Postpartum Relaxation of Pelvic Floor Muscles

Many female patients may experience this condition after childbirth, especially those who give birth vaginally. During vaginal delivery, as the cervix opens, the pelvic cavity and pelvic floor tissues may also experience tearing, stretching, and relaxation. This may affect certain physiological functions, such as urinating uncontrollably when sneezing. Appropriate participation in rehabilitation exercises, such as pelvic floor exercises, can be beneficial for recovery.

2. Acute Urethritis

Some female patients may have acute urethritis, which manifests as urgency, frequent urination, and inability to hold urine. When the urge to urinate is uncontrollable, urinary incontinence may occur. These patients can be prescribed antibiotics such as erythromycin, methylerythromycin, or roxithromycin for treatment.