What Are the Differences Between Jawline Liposuction and Buccal Liposuction?

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Difference between Jawline Liposuction and Cheek Liposuction

The main difference between jawline liposuction and cheek liposuction lies in their scope of action and suitable candidates. As can be seen from the position of the jawline, the improvement range of jawline liposuction is different from that of facial liposuction. If a person has excessive fat accumulation solely in the jaw area, jawline liposuction may be an appropriate choice. However, if both the cheek and jaw areas are affected, facial liposuction would be a better option.

Jawline liposuction primarily involves the suction of subcutaneous fat between the chin and the area below the ears, as well as along the jawline on both sides. This procedure restores the natural contours and angles between the chin and neck, as well as between the jawline and neck. It can also correct certain deformities in the chin shape and remove fat pads outside the platysma muscle. In contrast, facial liposuction focuses on reducing fat accumulation throughout the entire face.

In some ways, jawline liposuction can be considered as a part of facial liposuction, but it is a more challenging area that requires a high degree of precision and smoothness in surgical techniques. Therefore, it is essential to choose an experienced doctor for this procedure. Before undergoing facial liposuction, it is crucial to understand the type of facial obesity one has and to confirm whether facial liposuction is suitable. Facial liposuction is primarily targeted at individuals with facial fat accumulation, and it may not be effective for those with prominent jaw muscles or bony structures.

It is important to undergo facial liposuction in a reputable hospital as the procedure has strict requirements for technical equipment, doctor's expertise, and clinical experience. Avoid seeking cheaper options in unlicensed clinics, as this may compromise the desired results and potentially harm your health. Post-operatively, it is crucial to follow the doctor's instructions for proper care to ensure the effectiveness of the procedure and speedy recovery. This includes protecting the skin from direct sunlight and adhering to dietary recommendations.

It is worth noting that removing excessive fat from the jawline in one session, especially when the skin's recovery capacity is insufficient, may lead to sagging and drooping postoperatively. Therefore, it is advisable not to overdo it during the preoperative consultation.