How much does a box of Compound Lingzhi Jiannao Capsule cost?

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The price of Compound Lingzhi Jiannao Capsule is generally 22 yuan per box. Compared with the price of its ingredients, the market pricing of this drug is relatively low or reasonable, not very expensive. Additionally, it is convenient to purchase Compound Lingzhi Jiannao Capsule, which is available in pharmacies and online.

The main ingredients of Compound Lingzhi Jiannao Capsule are Lingzhi, Prepared Polygonum multiflorum, Lycium barbarum, Epimedium, Acanthopanax senticosus, Chinese yam, Spine Date Seed, Polygala tenuifolia, and Angelica sinensis. Most of these ingredients are traditional Chinese medicinal materials, which have little stimulation on the gastrointestinal tract and relatively few side effects.

The main component of Compound Lingzhi Jiannao Capsule is Lingzhi polypeptide, which is rich in polysaccharides, triterpenoids, nucleosides, glucose, amino acids, proteins, trace elements, and more than 200 other components. With a molecular weight of only 1600, experiments have found that Lingzhi polypeptide can quickly penetrate the blood-brain barrier and approach degenerative and atrophic brain cells. At the same time, it releases phagocytic cytokines to eliminate inflammatory cells, purify the growth environment, and enable brain cells to grow rapidly, healthily, and continuously. New dendrites and axons grow, neural endings connect, and brain function networks are restored.

Compound Lingzhi Jiannao Capsule is a capsule formulation with a brownish-yellow powder inside. It has a fragrant aroma, a bitter taste, and a slightly astringent taste. This drug has the effect of tonifying the liver and kidney, calming the mind, and pacifying the spirit. It is mainly used for symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, palpitations, forgetfulness, insomnia, and weak knees and waist caused by liver and kidney deficiency. Patients can prescribe medication based on their actual condition. Overall, Compound Lingzhi Jiannao Capsule has good effects. Patients can use it scientifically based on their actual situation. However, before using Compound Lingzhi Jiannao Capsule, it is important to carefully read the instructions and use it scientifically.