Are there any side effects of taking Detox and Beautifying Capsules long-term?

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Frequently eating junk food or having unhealthy lifestyle habits can easily cause a large amount of toxins to accumulate in our bodies. If you frequently have acne, dull skin, or poor complexion, it may be due to the accumulation of toxins. If detoxification is not performed for a long time, various diseases may easily occur. Many people choose to take detoxifying and beauty capsules to detoxify. However, it should be noted that long-term use can also impose a certain burden on our liver.

I. What are the effects and functions of detoxifying and beauty capsules? Detoxifying and beauty capsules are a traditional Chinese medicine preparation composed of rhubarb, mirabilite, fructus aurantii immaturus, radix notoginseng, radix cynanchi oligophyllae, and cistanche deserticola. They can be used to treat symptoms such as constipation, hyperpigmentation, acne (pimples), etc., caused by qi deficiency and blood stasis, and internal heat and toxin accumulation. Among them, rhubarb has the effects of attacking stagnation, clearing damp-heat, purging fire, cooling blood, removing blood stasis, and detoxifying; mirabilite has the effects of purging the bowels and relieving constipation, clearing heat and reducing swelling, and lubricating and softening hardness; radix notoginseng has the effects of activating blood circulation and relaxing tendons, removing blood stasis and generating new blood, and regulating qi and blood; radix cynanchi oligophyllae has the effects of relieving heat, cooling the body, dispelling wind, and killing insects. When used together, detoxifying and beauty capsules have the effects of invigorating qi and activating blood, promoting bowel movements, and detoxifying.

II. How to use detoxifying and beauty capsules? The dosage for patients with different symptoms varies, as follows: ① For patients who have one bowel movement per day, start with 1 capsule and take 1-2 times per day. Gradually increase the dosage based on the condition of bowel movements until the stool is smooth. ② For patients with constipation or uncomfortable bowel movements, take 3-6 capsules each time, twice a day. Gradually adjust the dosage based on the condition of bowel movements until the stool is smooth.

III. Are there any side effects if used for a long time? Generally speaking, we do not recommend patients to take a certain medication for a long time to avoid side effects or drug resistance. Although detoxifying and beauty capsules are a type of Chinese patent medicine with fewer side effects, it is recommended to take them in small doses and intermittently when used for a long time. During medication, patients may experience the following side effects: ① fixed drug eruption may occur; ② secondary constipation may be caused; ③ autoimmune hepatitis-like liver injury may be induced.

IV. What should be noted during the use of detoxifying and beauty capsules? ① Pregnant women should avoid taking this medication; ② During medication, avoid eating cold, greasy, and spicy foods; ③ If symptoms do not improve, worsen, or new symptoms appear after taking the medication, patients should stop taking it immediately and seek medical attention; ④ During the use of this medication, it is not advisable to take concomitantly with leili, soap pod, and five-spirit fat and their preparations, and it is also not advisable to drink tea or eat white radish to avoid affecting its efficacy.