Does Ai Qi Patch Have a Dampness-Removing Effect?

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The benefits of moxibustion are numerous, and the use of moxibustion patches on the navel also has a good effect on regulating the body. Since the navel is an area with thinner skin, moxibustion applied here will be more effective, and moxibustion patches can effectively remove dampness.

1. Does moxibustion patches on the navel effectively remove dampness?

Yes, moxibustion patches on the navel are effective in removing dampness, although many people may not be aware of the underlying principles. The skin of the navel is the thinnest, and there is basically no fat underneath the skin, but there are many blood vessels that allow the active ingredients of the product to penetrate, thus exerting the effect of dispelling dampness and cold.

2. The effect of moxibustion patches on removing dampness is undisputed.

People with a weak constitution can use it to strengthen their bodies and replenish yang energy. It can also help reduce belly fat, improve sleep quality, and even enhance one's overall constitution. Therefore, the benefits of using this product are numerous.

3. How to use moxibustion patches on the navel?

The usage of moxibustion patches on the navel is very similar to that of ordinary plaster. It is generally recommended to use it before going to bed. Each night, apply one patch to the navel, and remove it the next day. Alternatively, the patch can be applied to the Yongquan acupuncture point and removed the next day. This product uses an ancient formula and requires consistent use for a period of time to achieve significant effects. However, pregnant women and women during menstruation or lactation are advised to avoid using it.

China's moxibustion technology is very advanced. The profoundness of traditional Chinese medicine culture is vast, and we have only scratched the surface. Moxibustion is just one aspect of it. The effectiveness of moxibustion-related products varies from individual to individual and is closely related to the principles and quality of the products themselves.