How to Reduce Breast Milk Production?

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Reducing milk production can be achieved by altering dietary habits or taking certain medications. This can be done by avoiding soups and foods that promote lactation, such as crucian carp soup, eggs, pork rib soup, pig's trotters, and beans, and instead opting for dryer foods like buns or vegetables. If dietary changes are not effective enough, one can also consult a doctor and choose medications to reduce milk production.

Method 1:

It is important to be mindful of dietary intake and reduce the consumption of foods that easily promote lactation, such as various types of soups like fish soup, chicken soup, pig's trotter soup, and tofu soup. A balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits is recommended to aid in the mother's recovery and avoid increasing milk production.

Method 2:

Consuming foods like leeks, celery, Chinese prickly ash, beef, and chocolate can help reduce milk production. Drinking a mixture of Chinese prickly ash and brown sugar water can also be effective. Reducing the intake of high-protein foods, avoiding soups and drinking less water during this period, and eating lighter foods can also help achieve the desired effect.

Method 3:

Reducing the frequency of breastfeeding can help decrease milk production, but it is important not to starve the baby. Alternative methods like bottle-feeding can be employed to reduce the stimulation of the breasts. Gradually increasing the intervals between feedings can help the baby and the breasts adapt, leading to a gradual reduction in milk secretion, which is beneficial for weaning.