What is Myocardial Polarization Liquid?

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Myocardial Polarization Solution

Myocardial polarization solution is developed from conventional polarization solution, with the addition of high-concentration polarization solution, magnesium polarization solution, etc. It is mainly used for the treatment of heart diseases and has achieved good treatment effects. Currently, due to various reasons, more and more people are experiencing heart problems, and it is necessary to take timely and correct methods for treatment. Myocardial polarization solution is a good choice for treatment.

1. Definition of Myocardial Polarization Solution

Myocardial polarization solution has been widely used in the treatment of heart diseases, and based on conventional polarization solution, it has developed magnesium polarization solution, intensified polarization solution, high-concentration polarization solution, and simplified polarization solution. It has been widely used in the treatment of various heart diseases, starting from the treatment of acute myocardial infarction.

2. Functions of Myocardial Polarization Solution

2.1 Potassium Supplement

One of the important components of polarization solution is potassium chloride. When supplementing polarization solution, it also supplements potassium chloride, especially suitable for patients with hypokalemia.

2.2 Increasing Energy Supply to Ischemic Myocardium

Insulin in polarization solution can promote the transportation of glucose into myocardial cells, thereby improving the metabolism of ischemic myocardium and increasing the energy supply to ischemic myocardium.

2.3 Anti-arrhythmic Effect

Normal myocardial cells have a high intracellular potassium ion content and a low extracellular potassium ion content. However, during myocardial ischemia, this balance is disrupted. Polarization solution promotes the entry of extracellular potassium ions into the cells, restoring the normal state of intracellular and extracellular potassium ions, which helps reduce the occurrence of arrhythmias.