How to Quickly Recover from Bubbles Caused by Hand Grinding?

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When blisters occur due to hand grinding, they can be relieved through several methods such as using liquor to reduce inflammation and pain, avoiding further grinding on the affected area, being careful not to burst the blisters, and seeking medical attention if necessary.

Methods for Relief:

1. Using Liquor to Reduce Inflammation and Pain

After blisters appear on the hands due to grinding, you can use some liquor to relieve pain. Prepare a bowl, add liquor to it, and ignite the liquor with a piece of paper. A blue flame will appear. Use a medical gauze to apply the flaming liquor evenly to the blistered area, and then wrap it with a white cloth strip. This can help reduce inflammation and pain. Leave the cloth on for about two hours before removing it.

2. Avoiding Further Grinding on the Affected Area

After blisters appear on the hands due to grinding, it is important to avoid further grinding on the affected area, as this can enlarge the blisters or burst them. During this time, you should also maintain a light diet and avoid greasy and irritating foods, which can exacerbate the condition.

3. Being Careful Not to Burst the Blisters

After blisters appear on the hands due to grinding, you should be careful not to burst them. The skin protecting the blisters is very thin and can easily be damaged. If the blisters are burst, the hand will become more painful, and without proper disinfection, there may be a risk of infection. Therefore, it is important to protect the blisters well.

4. Seeking Medical Attention if Necessary

When using liquor to relieve pain, safety should be prioritized. Generally, blisters can heal spontaneously. However, if the affected area does not recover after a long time and the condition worsens, it is advisable to seek medical attention promptly to prevent further deterioration.