Why Are HCG Levels Low and What Are the Potential Risks?

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There are many reasons for low hCG levels, especially for women in the early stages of pregnancy. It is necessary to observe the doubling of hCG levels to understand the healthy development of the fetus. If hCG levels remain low and the doubling is not good, it is necessary to be vigilant about abnormal pregnancy issues, such as the common molar pregnancy.

If the calculation of gestational age is incorrect, hCG levels may also vary. It is important to understand one's last menstrual period at the beginning of pregnancy. If the time is miscalculated, the actual gestational age may not match the estimated gestational age. In general, hCG levels in multiple pregnancies are often much higher than in singleton pregnancies, so it is important to confirm and understand this.

Molar pregnancy is a type of abnormal pregnancy that requires vigilance. hCG levels in molar pregnancy are usually higher than the normal values for the corresponding gestational age. If molar pregnancy is confirmed, it is not possible to continue the pregnancy, and immediate hospitalization is required for termination of pregnancy to reduce the risk of harm to the mother caused by abnormal pregnancy.

Both high and low hCG levels require vigilance, especially if hCG levels do not double well. It is important to take prompt and comprehensive tests and undergo fetal protection under the guidance of a doctor, otherwise it may lead to embryonic arrest.