What Are the Benefits of Drinking a Mixture of Vinegar and Sugar?

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Drinking vinegar mixed with sugar can promote gastric acid secretion, provide heat, raise blood sugar, lubricate the intestines and relieve constipation, and lower blood lipids. However, excessive intake should be avoided as it may have negative impacts on health. Here are the specific effects:

1. Promoting Gastric Acid Secretion

It can help gastric acid secrete faster, improving symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion, and abdominal bloating.

2. Providing Heat

It can provide heat and energy for the human body, maintaining normal bodily functions.

3. Raising Blood Sugar

It can help supplement blood sugar levels, alleviating symptoms such as fatigue and lethargy caused by low blood sugar.

4. Lubricating the Intestines and Relieving Constipation

It can promote gastrointestinal motility, improving symptoms of dry stool and difficulty in defecation, and preventing constipation.

5. Lowering Blood Lipids

It can reduce the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, helping to improve the viscous state of blood lipids and prevent atherosclerotic diseases.

The appropriate intake dosage should be chosen based on individual conditions. For people with high blood sugar or diabetes, it is generally not recommended to drink vinegar mixed with sugar, as it may affect blood sugar control.