What is the Recommended Dosage of Cefadroxil Granules for Children?

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The dosage of Cefadroxil Granules for children is usually 30mg/kg based on their weight. If the diagnosis is pharyngitis or tonsillitis, the dosage is 15mg/kg every 12 hours. The specific dosage needs to be determined based on multiple factors such as the severity of the child's illness, history of allergies, and recent medications.

If the child is diagnosed with urinary tract infection, skin and soft tissue infection, lung infection, or other conditions, the medication should generally be administered based on their weight to avoid burdening the body. If the condition is severe, there is no allergic reaction to the medication, and no other medications have been taken recently, the dosage can be appropriately increased. On the other hand, if the condition is mild and does not cause systemic discomfort, the dosage can be appropriately reduced.

If the child has an allergic reaction to Cefadroxil Granules, the medication should generally be avoided. If the child has pharyngitis or tonsillitis, the dosage may be adjusted and should be taken at a dosage of 15mg/kg every 12 hours. Excessive dosage may irritate the throat or tonsils.

Children may experience adverse reactions such as nausea and decreased appetite after taking Cefadroxil Granules. If the adverse reactions are mild, it is generally not necessary to stop the medication. It is recommended to drink warm water appropriately and eat more liquid foods during the medication period.