Why Does My Stomach Feel Cold and How Can I Relieve It?

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Fear of coldness in the abdomen may be caused by cold weather, improper diet, and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. It can be alleviated through methods such as soaking feet in hot water for more than half an hour every day, drinking brown sugar ginger water, and applying hot compresses with a hot water bottle. Low immunity, lack of subcutaneous fat, and acute enteritis can also lead to fear of coldness in the abdomen. It is recommended to eat warm foods regularly, strengthen exercise, and improve immunity.

Reasons for Fear of Coldness in the Abdomen:

1. The stomach and intestines prefer warmth and dislike coldness. If the external environment is cold, it may lead to a cold feeling in the abdomen.

2. Improper diet, especially consuming cold, frozen, or spicy and stimulating foods.

3. Low immunity and resistance, unable to resist external wind and cold.

4. Inflammation or infection in the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Less subcutaneous fat and a lanky body type, as the abdominal wall is close to the subcutaneous tissue, leading to a fear of coldness in the abdomen.

6. Acute enteritis may cause abdominal discomfort, bowel sounds, and worsening symptoms after exposure to cold.

Methods to Alleviate Fear of Coldness in the Abdomen:

1. Apply hot compresses to the abdomen with a hot water bag or use moxibustion to fumigate acupoints such as Shenque and Zhongji.

2. Drink brown sugar ginger water to dispel the coldness in the abdomen.

3. Pay attention to warmth preservation, especially for the abdomen and feet.

4. Soak feet in hot water for more than half an hour every day.

5. Regularly consume warm foods and avoid cold, frozen, and spicy foods.

6. Increase exercise to improve immunity.