What Are the Benefits and Functions of Qiwei Duqi Pills?

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Qiwei Duqi Pill can effectively improve symptoms such as kidney deficiency or lack of energy. For men, it is also a medicine for treating kidney deficiency and asthma, but it should be used under the guidance of a doctor. Although many medicines are Chinese patent medicines, incorrect administration may also cause some adverse side effects. The same is true for the use of Qiwei Duqi Pill. It is more scientific to take medicine according to your own condition.

1. Many people are prone to symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, semen leakage, night sweats, and frequent urination in daily life. The occurrence of these symptoms should consider whether they are caused by kidney qi deficiency. If these factors are indeed the cause, Qiwei Duqi Pill can be used for treatment and conditioning to achieve a more ideal therapeutic effect. However, the cause must be clearly identified before medication can be prescribed under the guidance of a doctor. 2. Besides medication, dietary issues cannot be ignored. Body kidney qi deficiency can be improved through dietary conditioning. The method of dietary supplementation is safer and can further consolidate the treatment effect. However, it is important to be aware of some contraindications. For example, people with external cough or obvious asthma should not use medication blindly to avoid causing other harm. 3. Qiwei Duqi Pill is a type of Chinese patent medicine. Its main ingredients include Schisandra chinensis, Poria cocos, Cortex moutan, and Prepared Rehmannia root, etc. Compared with other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, the side effects of these ingredients are relatively small. As long as they are taken correctly under the guidance of a doctor, they will not cause too much negative impact on health.