How to Nourish Kidney and Spleen Deficiency in Women through Dietary Supplements?

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Not only men are prone to kidney deficiency, but women are also susceptible to the same issue. Furthermore, for most women, kidney deficiency is often accompanied by spleen deficiency. These conditions can have severe impacts on a woman's health, potentially leading to hypoglycemia and malnutrition. Therefore, it is crucial to understand dietary adjustments for women with kidney and spleen deficiency. Here are some recommended food remedies:

1. Black Bean Carp Soup

Ingredients: 60g of black beans, 1 fresh carp. First, remove the scales and intestines from the carp. Clean the black beans and place them inside the carp. Add water and cook until well done. Regular consumption is effective.

2. Monkshood Porridge

Ingredients: 5-10g of prepared monkshood, 1-3g of dried ginger, 100g of japonica rice, 2 spring onions, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar. Place the monkshood and dried ginger in a sandpot and boil for 1.5 hours. Then add the spring onions, japonica rice, and brown sugar to cook porridge. Consume in divided doses.

3. Longan, Jujube, and Black Bean Soup

Ingredients: 15g of longan pulp, 50g of jujube, and 50g of black beans. Place all the ingredients in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil until the red dates are soft and cooked. Season with brown sugar and consume in the morning and evening. This recipe can be consumed for 15 consecutive days.

4. Eucommia-Braised Kidney

Ingredients: 15g of Eucommia, a pair of lamb kidneys, and an appropriate amount of ginger, pepper, and garlic. First, cut open the lamb kidneys, remove the skin and membranes, and slice them finely. Place them in a stewpot with Eucommia and seasonings. Steam over water until cooked. Consume the kidney slices and drink the soup. This recipe can be consumed for 7 consecutive days.

5. Four-Ingredient Pig Bladder Soup

Ingredients: 20g each of gorgon fruit seed, Chinese yam, lotus seed, and yizhiren, and 1 pig bladder. Boil the yizhiren in water, strain out the residue, and reserve the juice. Soak the gorgon fruit seed and Chinese yam in the juice for 2 hours. Place them in the cleaned pig bladder, tie it tightly, and cook until done. Season with salt or rock sugar before consumption.

6. Astragalus and Turtle Shell Porridge

Ingredients: 20g of astragalus, 20g of turtle shell, 15g of poria cocos, and 200g of japonica rice. First, boil the astragalus, turtle shell, and poria cocos in water. Strain out the residue and reserve the juice. Use the juice to cook the japonica rice into porridge. When the porridge is thick, season with brown sugar before consumption.