Why do young people tend to sleep less?

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There are many reasons for young people to have less sleep, including possible pathological factors, as well as personal emotions, environment, and other factors. Because everyone's constitution is different, there are also some differences in the requirements for sleep. Some people may feel energetic after sleeping for four hours a day, while others may need to sleep for eight or nine hours to ensure normal life and work the next day.

Reasons for young people having less sleep:

1. Pathological factors: For example, patients with hyperthyroidism may have reduced sleep, nocturnal cough, which can also affect sleep, or nocturnal frequent urination and urgency, which can affect sleep and lead to less sleep. In these cases, individualized treatment is required based on the underlying cause.

2. Emotional factors: There are many reasons for less sleep caused by emotional factors, which are usually related to the patient's mood. Anxiety in patients can easily lead to insomnia. For example, being in love or anxiety can easily lead to poor sleep quality and less sleep, and it is necessary to adjust one's mindset and emotions in a timely manner.

3. Environmental factors: In addition, environmental factors are also relatively important. For example, a noisy environment, poor hygiene, and unpleasant odors can all lead to insomnia in patients. Less sleep has many harmful effects on the human body, including reducing immunity, making patients susceptible to colds. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these issues, adjust one's mindset, maintain good hygiene in the room, and keep the environment quiet.