How to Perform Facial Lymphatic Drainage?

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Facial Lymphatic Drainage

To perform facial lymphatic drainage, one can adopt the method of scraping, but it takes some time for the skin to recover. When facial skin accumulates too many toxins, it is prone to acne. After scraping, the toxins are expelled from the body, which can truly solve the problem. There are certain techniques for facial scraping. If the doctor's skills are not proficient, it can cause irritation to the skin, and in severe cases, scars may be left. What is the method of facial lymphatic drainage? Lymphatic drainage can be used to improve facial symptoms. Lymphatic drainage mainly uses the method of scraping to accelerate lymphatic circulation and metabolism, making the face clean and tidy. However, lymphatic drainage is not suitable for everyone, especially for women during menstruation and physically weak individuals.

Techniques for Facial Lymphatic Drainage

1. Clean the face first and evenly apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to prevent massage from damaging the skin and achieve the best results.

2. Use the pads of the middle finger and ring finger of the right hand to massage the center line of the forehead towards the temples on both sides for about 10 times.

3. Then use the pad of the ring finger to massage or apply pressure to the area between the two corners of the eyes towards the nasolabial fold. Use the radial side of the middle and ring fingers to perform circular massage on both cheeks for about 6 times.

4. After the massage, rub your hands together to warm them and gently tap the face for about one minute.