How Can Eye Soreness and Swelling Be Relieved?

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Many young people like to stay up late watching TV series or work overtime for a long time, which can cause symptoms of sore and swollen eyes. At this time, patients should stop using electronic devices, look at green plants more, and divert their attention through appropriate activities. Then, they can do eye exercises and massage the temples to relieve the discomfort. Finally, eye drops can be used to relieve the soreness and swelling of the eyes. However, it is important for everyone to correct bad habits, otherwise the condition may recur.

Methods to Relieve Eye Discomfort

1. Shifting gaze combined with acupoint massage: Through strong penetration of the eye skin and absorption by the eye acupoints, it targets the fundus of the eye to comprehensively and rapidly supplement eye nutrition. This promotes eye microcirculation, repairs ruptured smooth muscle, restores eye adjustment ability, improves ciliary muscle spasms, and effectively relieves visual fatigue.

2. Looking into the distance: After using your eyes for 20 minutes, look at a distance or green plants. Stare into the distance for three minutes, then look at your palm for 1-2 minutes, and then look back into the distance. Repeat this cycle several times to effectively eliminate eye soreness.

3. Moving the eyeballs: Stand 2-3 meters away from a window and gaze at each corner of the window in turn, alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise directions for a total of 7-14 repetitions.

4. Blinking: Lean your head back and blink continuously to improve blood circulation. When your eyes are slightly tired, just perform 2-3 blinking exercises.

5. Pressing the temples: Close your eyes and gently press your fingertips along your brow bone until you reach your temples. Apply slight pressure to the temples and then press down from the temples to the lower eyelid until you reach the intersection with the bridge of your nose.

6. Rubbing the forehead: Sit or lie down and place the fleshy part of your thumb or the palm of your hand (fish际 muscle) firmly against your forehead. Rub firmly from the center to the sides 100-150 times.

7. Eye-brightening exercises: Wear sunglasses in bright light, avoid reading in moving vehicles, boats, or under dim or intense lighting, and perform eye-brightening exercises regularly.

8. Massaging the eyes: Sometimes after staying up late for a long time, you may feel soreness and swelling in your eyes. Massaging the acupoints around your eyes can promote blood circulation in the surrounding skin and provide some relief from pain.

9. Hot compress for the eyes: Hot compress is also an effective way to relieve eye pain. Applying a clean, warm towel to your eyes can promote blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue, and reduce swelling.