What Are the Benefits and Functions of Kushen?

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The Effects and Functions of Sophora Flavescens

Sophora flavescens has a wide range of functions and effects, mainly including antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antitumor, analgesic and sedative, antiasthmatic and expectorant, anti-allergic and anti-parasitic. The alkaloids contained in Sophora flavescens can effectively inhibit bacterial respiration and affect nucleic acid metabolism, and have a good inhibitory effect on some bacteria. Therefore, Sophora flavescens is often used clinically for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial purposes, and is frequently used in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Here are the specific effects and functions:

1. Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory: The alkaloids in Sophora flavescens have inhibitory effects on bacterial respiration and nucleic acid metabolism, and can inhibit heterologous bacteria, proteobacteria, and Staphylococcus aureus. Therefore, Sophora flavescens has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects in clinical practice, and has significant therapeutic effects on bacillary dysentery and gynecological inflammation.

2. Antitumor: Sophora flavescens contains active ingredients that can fight cancer. Clinical trials have confirmed that Sophora flavescens has a significant inhibitory effect on various cancer cells.

3. Analgesic and Sedative: Sophora flavescens can stabilize emotions. When used alone, the total alkaloids in Sophora flavescens have analgesic effects. If used in combination with other drugs, such as threshold-dose morphine, the analgesic effect is more pronounced.

4. Antiasthmatic and Expectorant: Sophora flavescens can treat bronchitis, so it has significant effects on relieving asthma and removing phlegm, and also has a curative effect on the disease itself.

5. Anti-allergic: The matrine component contained in Sophora flavescens has many medicinal effects. Besides antitumor effects, it also has anti-allergic effects. Matrine can reduce the release of allergic mediators in the body and has immunosuppressive effects.

6. Anti-parasitic: Sophora flavescens also has anti-parasitic effects. The alkaloids contained in Sophora flavescens can paralyze the nervous system of parasites, reduce their adherence and vitality, and excrete their metabolic waste out of the body, serving as an antiparasitic agent.