What Are the Causes of Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

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The eyes are an important part of the human body, and it is necessary to pay attention to eye care in daily life. However, many people may experience dark circles around their eyes, which can be caused by various reasons such as staying up late for a long time, blood stagnation around the eyes, or pigmentation. When this occurs, it is important to adjust and treat based on the specific cause.

Reasons for Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Reason 1: Staying up late and lack of rest can lead to slow blood circulation around the eyes, resulting in dark circles. To address this, it is recommended to adjust sleep patterns, ensure adequate rest, and apply local heat to improve blood circulation.

Reason 2: Pigment deposition around the eyes can be caused by changes in female hormones, the use of inappropriate eye cream, or allergic conditions. These pigments can be concealed with makeup or removed through medical aesthetic treatments.

Reason 3: Trauma to the eye area can cause subcutaneous hematoma. Cold compresses can be applied initially to reduce bleeding, followed by warm compresses after two days to promote absorption of the hematoma. Medication can also be used to assist in absorption.

Daily Eye Care

1. Cleansing: Similar to facial cleansing, it is crucial to gently cleanse the delicate skin around the eyes with mild makeup remover or cleanser.

2. Essence: Do not neglect applying essence to the eye area, which requires extra care. Apply a small amount of essence around the eyes, gently pressing from the outer corner of the lower eyelid towards the inner corner, then outward from the inner corner of the upper eyelid. Repeat this circular motion 2-3 times.

3. Massage: Massaging the eye area is an essential step in eye care. Use the middle and ring fingers to apply a small amount of eye cream, starting from the corners of the eyes and moving outward in circular motions. Remember to be gentle as the skin around the eyelids is thin and prone to wrinkles.

4. Eye Masks: The eye area is prone to fine lines and dehydration, so it is important to use eye masks regularly. Eye masks nourish the skin around the eyes, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Apply the eye mask for about 15 minutes while relaxing.

5. Avoid Excessive Stretching: Behaviors such as making faces can excessively stretch the skin around the eyes, leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles around the eyes, avoid excessive stretching of the skin.

6. Protection from Strong Light: Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight can also cause fine lines around the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to wear sunglasses in sunny places, especially in areas with strong reflections such as beaches and lakes.