What Are the Benefits of Breast Physiotherapy?

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The benefits of breast physiotherapy mainly include promoting local blood circulation, helping lactation, and preventing breast diseases. It is recommended not to perform breast physiotherapy for a long time. Here are the specific benefits:

1. Promoting Local Blood Circulation

Common methods of breast physiotherapy include microwave therapy, electrotherapy, infrared therapy, and ultraviolet therapy. Breast physiotherapy can promote blood circulation in the breast area, which can improve symptoms such as breast distention and pain to a certain extent.

2. Helping Lactation

During lactation, breast physiotherapy can be performed to stimulate the mammary glands and achieve the effect of lactation promotion, usually without affecting the quality of breast milk.

3. Preventing Breast Diseases

Physiotherapy can also effectively prevent breast diseases such as mastitis, mammary gland hyperplasia, and breast nodules, which may not have a significant impact on physical health. When performing breast physiotherapy, it is important to control the duration of the treatment and avoid long-term physiotherapy. At the same time, attention should also be paid to protecting the breasts and preventing trauma to the breast area. Additionally, maintaining a light and healthy diet with a focus on high-protein foods such as eggs, cheese, and pig trotters can help supplement the body's nutrients.