What are the reasons for bumps on the external genitalia?

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Common causes of bumps on the vulva are Bartholin's gland cyst and vulvar folliculitis. Bartholin's gland cyst is related to vulvar injury, vascular stenosis, chronic inflammation, and other factors. Under the influence of these factors, the opening of the Bartholin's gland duct can be blocked, and cysts can form when secretions accumulate for a long time. Bartholin's gland cysts vary in size. If the cyst is small and there is no infection, no obvious symptoms will generally appear, and they are often detected during gynecological examinations.

1. Acute Bartholin's gland abscess occurs when the duct is blocked or the gland is damaged after the inflammation gradually subsides, such as common scarring that blocks the duct after perineal and vaginal lacerations, or perineal lateral incision that damages the duct during childbirth, which can lead to the occurrence of Bartholin's gland cysts.

2. Bartholin's gland cysts are generally elliptical or round. If the cyst is small and there is no infection, and the patient has no obvious symptoms, regular observation can be conducted without special treatment. If the cyst is large, the patient may feel a sense of heaviness or discomfort in the vulvar area, or discomfort during sexual intercourse, or an abscess has formed. In such cases, procedures such as marsupialization of Bartholin's gland cyst or incision and drainage can be performed.

3. Bartholin's gland cysts are mainly caused by inflammation of the vagina or vulva, leading to local obstruction of the glandular duct and preventing the Bartholin's gland fluid from flowing out, thus forming a cyst. If the cyst is small and has no clinical symptoms, no treatment is required. If the cyst increases and affects daily life, a cyst fenestration surgery can be performed to achieve the purpose of cure.

4. If there is a concurrent infection, it often causes local pain and severe local suppuration. In addition to using anti-inflammatory drugs, the suppurated cyst should also be incised and drained.