What Are the Consequences of Long-Term Emotional Suppression?

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Long-term psychological repression is prone to induce diseases, even cancer. Therefore, regardless of who they are, people should pay more attention to mental health issues in life, and take timely treatment measures for psychological problems. Especially now, the pressure of life and work is relatively high, and it is easy to have some psychological problems, such as psychological depression or other issues. Therefore, active treatment is necessary to reduce the harm of psychological problems.

Bad emotions can induce cancer, which has a great relationship with the occurrence of some diseases. A large number of studies have shown that long-term repressed dissatisfaction, anger, depression, fear, and other emotions can induce cancer. The treatment effect and recurrence rate of many cancers are closely related to emotions. Therefore, psychological repression is not only a psychological problem, but also has a great relationship with one's physical health.

Long-term repressed bad emotions can also induce hypertension. Emotional repression or anger can easily cause abnormal changes in blood pressure and heart rate, leading to elevated blood pressure, and it is also more likely to lead to various gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, while ensuring physical health, we cannot ignore mental health. Learn to regulate psychological pressure, and psychological diseases must be treated in a timely manner.

Of course, if it is simply psychological repression, it can be relieved through some methods in life, such as learning to relax oneself, not putting too much pressure on oneself, especially in today's life, many people have greater pressure in life and work, and their psychology will naturally become more repressed. In fact, don't push yourself too hard. You can take time to go out and relax.