How to Relieve Hard Lumps After Lactation?

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Many women encounter the problem of milk return during breastfeeding. Once there are signs of milk return, it can easily lead to lumps in the breasts, which is particularly unfavorable for breast health. It is necessary to take necessary measures to address this issue promptly. So, how to unblock the lumps after milk return? If not unblocked in time, it can lead to bacterial infection, causing fever, redness, and other problems. Long-term issues can cause mastitis, so it is crucial to unblock the breasts in time.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Eat lightly: It is essential to maintain smooth milk ducts. Learn more about foods that promote breast health and eat digestible foods, preferably light-tasting. This can help keep the milk ducts unobstructed, reduce blockage, and protect normal breast secretion function.

2. Massage or squeeze: If milk secretion is too fast and the baby cannot absorb it, it can lead to the accumulation of milk and the formation of lumps in the breasts. In this case, you can use massage or squeezing techniques to empty the excess milk from the body and then allow the breasts to secrete milk again. This can reduce the occurrence of lumps as soon as possible. Then, use clean water and shower gel to clean the breasts, reducing breast damage and promoting normal secretion.

3. Pay attention to breast hygiene: It is essential to protect the hygiene of the breasts and regularly clean breast secretions. If the breasts are infected with bacteria, it can be detrimental to milk secretion and often lead to milk duct blockage and various bacterial hazards.

4. Seek medical attention if necessary: It is advisable to undergo a detailed examination at a hospital if there are lumps in the breasts. Although lumps are common during weaning and milk return, they can also be symptoms of breast diseases. Weaning and milk return are also periods with a high incidence of breast diseases. To avoid severe pathological causes leading to lumps in the breasts and delaying treatment, mothers with lumps in the breasts should take them seriously.

I hope this information can help breastfeeding mothers better deal with such phenomena. Lumps during milk return are actually easy to resolve and are a common occurrence. It is essential to remain calm and promptly adopt scientific and reasonable methods to alleviate similar symptoms, prevent more severe breast diseases, and promote normal milk secretion.