How to Treat Lymphatic Fistula?

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Lymphatic fistula usually requires interventional treatment. Lymphatic fistula refers to a condition caused by the disruption of the integrity of lymphatic vessels and the leakage of lymphatic fluid. It is necessary to detect and treat it promptly to reduce the harm. Especially when the body shows some symptoms, one should not ignore them. It is recommended to actively go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis, and scientific treatment based on the cause of the disease is the fundamental solution.

Currently, interventional treatment is the main method for the treatment of lymphatic fistula. It involves identifying the location of the lesion through lymphatic angiography, puncturing the lymphatic vessel, and embolizing it to achieve the purpose of treatment. This treatment method has good effects, less trauma, and a high cure rate, making it a boon for many patients with lymphatic fistula.

Of course, one should also pay attention to these symptoms. Many diseases often manifest with some symptoms. It is important not to ignore any abnormal symptoms to avoid delaying treatment and causing the condition to worsen. It is advisable for all patients to undergo comprehensive examinations in a hospital when they notice these symptoms, to clarify the cause of the disease, and to actively seek treatment to better reduce the harm.

After the treatment of lymphatic fistula, patients should pay attention to a reasonable diet, avoiding spicy, stimulating, or cold foods. They should also follow the doctor's surgical care advice and avoid strenuous exercise until the wound has healed, as this may affect the healing of the wound and the treatment effect.