Does Male Prostatic Fluid Contain Sperm?

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There may be a small amount of sperm in male prostatic fluid. When the prostatic tissue becomes diseased, it may affect the semen and reduce the quality of sperm. Prostatic fluid is produced by the epithelial cells of prostatic acini. When men and women have sexual intercourse, there may be significant changes in the levels of hormones in their bodies, leading to a small amount of residual sperm in the prostatic fluid excreted by men, which is normal. However, the number and activity of sperm in prostatic fluid are relatively low.

If one does not pay attention to personal hygiene or has poor resistance, the prostate may be infected by external bacteria and other microorganisms, which generally affects the quality and survival rate of sperm. If there is no intention of preparing for pregnancy, safety measures must be taken. If there is an intention of preparing for pregnancy, it is recommended to regulate sexual intercourse. In daily life, it is important to maintain a good lifestyle, not to put too much pressure on oneself, and to pay attention to good sleep habits, avoiding staying up late frequently, so as not to reduce one's resistance. In addition, men should avoid watching stimulating videos frequently and masturbating excessively, as this may increase the risk of disease occurrence and affect sperm.