What Are the Precautions to Take After Orthopedic Correction?

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Orthopedics is a traditional medical treatment method that has good therapeutic effects on various bone diseases. However, it is also necessary to understand the indications and some precautions when performing orthopedics, especially for middle-aged and elderly people. During orthopedics, they should pay attention to issues such as resting after treatment, changing bad living and working habits, and maintaining an upright posture of the spine. Here are some specific points:

Resting After Treatment

After orthopedics and spinal adjustment, the first thing to note is to rest and not rush into exercise. Patients engaged in physical labor should not rush back to work. This is because the dislocated or laterally curved joints have not been completely stabilized, and the joints still need time to rest and heal naturally.

Changing Bad Living and Working Habits

Change past bad living and working habits, avoid staying in one position for a long time, and try to change your habits. Avoid sitting for extended periods without getting up. If you have been sitting for more than two hours, it is recommended to get up and move around. Adjust your force habits, such as switching from using your right hand for work or lifting things to using your left hand or alternating between hands.

Maintaining an Upright Posture of the Spine

Patients undergoing whole-body orthopedics are advised to maintain a supine position for rest as this helps keep the spine in an upright posture, avoiding gradual re-misalignment of the spine after orthopedics. Avoid performing difficult movements that require significant spinal movement. It is important to note that orthopedists are not miracle doctors. While they can adjust the body to its optimal state and eliminate existing pain and discomfort, they cannot guarantee that patients will not injure themselves again during physical activities. The effectiveness of orthopedics can be greatly reduced if patients do not cooperate, so it is crucial to take care of your own body, which is not only beneficial for yourself but also for your family.