What are the Effects of Dan Deng Tong Nao Tablets?

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Dan Deng Tong Nao Pian

Dan Deng Tong Nao Pian is effective in dispelling wind and promoting blood circulation, as well as removing blood stasis. It can be used when stroke symptoms are caused by blocked meridians due to blood stasis, effectively improving the cerebral circulation. Currently, an increasing number of middle-aged and elderly people are experiencing strokes, and effective treatment is required. In addition to pharmacological treatment, attention should also be paid to daily healthcare and regular follow-up exams.

1. Dan Deng Tong Nao Pian treats strokes caused by blood stasis obstructing the meridians, improves blood circulation in the brain, thereby increasing arterial blood oxygen content, and facilitates the increase of blood flow in the coronary arteries of the brain and heart. It also enhances the activity of fibrinolytic enzymes in the blood, greatly improves blood viscosity, inhibits platelet aggregation and coagulation, and dilates peripheral blood vessels.

2. Characteristics of Dan Deng Tong Nao Pian: This medication is widely used in clinical practice and has significant therapeutic effects, attracting more patients. It is a film-coated tablet that reveals a brownish color when the coating is removed. It has a slightly bitter and astringent taste.

3. Contraindications of Dan Deng Tong Nao Pian: This medication is not suitable for patients with acute cerebral hemorrhage or pregnant women. Lactating women should stop breastfeeding when using this medication, and the diet should be kept light during the medication period.