What Are the Benefits and Functions of Jade Butterfly, and Are There Any Contraindications?

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Effects and Benefits of Jade Butterfly

Jade Butterfly has various effects and benefits, including lubricating the lungs, soothing the liver, harmonizing the stomach, as well as whitening the skin and promoting metabolism. However, individuals with weak constitution and stomach cold should avoid excessive consumption as it may lead to stomach cramps and pain. Additionally, women should refrain from drinking it during menstruation as it may affect menstrual cycles and cause irregular menstruation.

Effects of Jade Butterfly Tea

1. Jade Butterfly can soothe the throat, lungs, and stomach, effectively treating symptoms such as hoarseness, coughing, and sore throat.

2. It has the ability to strengthen liver and stomach functions, harmonize qi, and treat duodenal ulcer.

3. Drinking Jade Butterfly tea with osmanthus flowers can promote metabolism, activate skin cells, reduce melanin deposition, and whiten the skin.

4. Drinking Jade Butterfly flower tea has diuretic and anti-edema effects, helping to treat edema.

5. Consuming Jade Butterfly tea along with ginseng and osmanthus flowers can help clear heat and sober up, making it beneficial for individuals who frequently engage in social occasions.

Contraindications of Jade Butterfly Tea

1. Jade Butterfly has a cold nature, and excessive consumption can harm the stomach. Therefore, individuals with stomach cold or weak constitution should avoid drinking too much of it as it may lead to stomach pain and spasms.

2. Cold Jade Butterfly tea is not suitable for consumption during menstruation. Drinking it during this period can affect blood circulation, leading to severe menstrual pain and irregular menstruation.

3. Pregnant women should avoid drinking Jade Butterfly tea as it can stimulate uterine contractions, potentially leading to premature delivery or even miscarriage.