Why Does a Two-Year-Old Baby Always Blink His/Her Eyes Excessively?

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There are many reasons why a two-year-old baby blinks hard, such as a lack of trace elements, especially a lack of vitamin B12 and zinc, which can easily lead to blinking. This is a physiological blink, and generally has little impact. However, if the baby blinks while also twisting their nose, shrugging shoulders, shaking their head, and other actions, it may be a sign of tic disorder, which can last for a long time and should be treated promptly.

If a child frequently blinks hard and often, parents should pay attention to two things. The first is to go to an ophthalmologist for an examination. It is necessary to determine if there is conjunctivitis in the eyes, or some allergic symptoms in the surrounding tissues of the eyes, or some corneal damage or ulceration, or eye diseases such as glaucoma that may cause excessive blinking. If the ophthalmologist finds no problems or diseases, then the frequent blinking of the child may be due to tic disorder. Because when tic disorder is mild in the initial stage, it is simply manifested as blinking. If no observation and treatment are provided, coupled with some stressful factors, it may lead to facial grimaces, nasal humming, and a series of facial expressions. Therefore, after excluding eye diseases at the ophthalmologist, tic disorder should be considered.