What Should I Do If Im Born with Congenital Absence of the Vagina?

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Women born without a vagina should actively undergo examinations to understand the related symptoms and manifestations. The main treatment method for women born without a vagina is to reconstruct the vagina through surgical procedures such as hymenotomy. This condition is mainly divided into two categories: true and false stone women. True stone women refer to those with underdeveloped genital organs, and surgery is often required.

1. How to deal with women born without a vagina?

If the condition is due to hymenal atresia, most cases can be resolved through hymenotomy. However, if the condition is due to congenital absence of the vagina or accompanied by congenital absence of the uterus, reconstructive surgery is often necessary to restore sexual function. However, if there is no uterus, fertility may not be possible. The principle of treatment for women born without a vagina is to reconstruct the vagina. There are various methods of artificial vagina formation, including non-surgical and surgical approaches. Surgical methods mainly involve creating an artificial cavity between the urethra, bladder, and rectum, and applying different techniques to find an appropriate covering for the cavity to reconstruct the vagina.

2. What is a stone woman?

A stone woman refers to a girl who is born without a vagina. There are two types of stone women: true and false. False stone women experience abdominal pain every month during menstruation but do not have vaginal bleeding. This condition is often diagnosed through medical examination and can be resolved through surgical treatment. True stone women have female organs but no vagina, or their female organs are underdeveloped and lack a vagina. In such cases, the vagina may be reconstructed using animal intestines, which is generally similar to a natural vagina.