Why Does My Face Feel Sticky After Skincare?

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Daily skin care can remove dirt from the surface of the skin, keep the skin hydrated, and slow down aging. However, sometimes after completing skin care, we may find that the skin feels sticky. This is mainly related to the choice of skincare products. If the skincare products are viscous, they will feel sticky when applied to the face. If the skincare products are refreshing, this feeling will not occur.

Firstly, if the stratum corneum of the skin is too thick and the skincare products remain sticky after application, it means that the skincare products have not been absorbed by the skin. This is likely caused by the thick stratum corneum, which prevents the skin from absorbing external moisture and nutrients. Similarly, applying skincare products will be ineffective, and the more skincare products are applied, the more greasy the skin will feel.

Solution: Regularly exfoliate the face once a week. For sensitive and dry skin, exfoliate every two weeks or so. However, don't exfoliate too frequently!

Secondly, some people have naturally slow skin absorption, and skincare products cannot be absorbed, resulting in them accumulating on the surface of the skin and causing greasy skin. Additionally, the absorption capacity of the skin gradually decreases after age 25, which is a sign of skin aging.

Solution: It is difficult to change naturally slow skin absorption, so it is recommended to use lightweight and easily absorbed skincare products. If the decreased absorption capacity is due to skin aging, applying essence or other skincare products can help the skin absorb nutrients.

Thirdly, using unsuitable skincare products for different skin types can also lead to greasy skin. For example, if you have oily skin and use moisturizing skincare products, your skin will feel greasy due to excessive nourishment.

Solution: Choose skincare products based on your skin type. Use oil-controlling and refreshing skincare products for oily skin, hydrating skincare products for dry skin, and moisturizing skincare products for sensitive skin.

Fourthly, applying excessive amounts of skincare products can also make the skin feel sticky. Different skincare products require different amounts for application. If too much skincare product is applied, the skin will take longer to absorb it, and slow-absorbing skin will feel sticky.

Solution: Toner has the smallest density and can be easily absorbed by the skin, so it can be used in larger quantities without causing stickiness. Lotions and creams are more nourishing skincare products, and about the size of a one-yuan coin should be used each time.