Why Do I Experience Intermittent Pain on the Left Side of My Head?

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Headaches are common in life and can occur alone or as a manifestation of other diseases. Headaches can make people feel very uncomfortable and may manifest in different symptoms. Some people experience intermittent headaches, and in such cases, they are naturally concerned about the underlying causes in order to better address them. So, what could be the cause of intermittent pain on the left side of the head? Let's explore the reasons below.

1. What Could Cause Intermittent Pain on the Left Side of the Head?

1. It could be due to neuropathic headaches or migraine attacks. Patients may have a history of primary headaches, and these headaches tend to occur when they do not rest well, are tired, or are stimulated by certain foods. Oral analgesics can help alleviate the pain.

2. Intermittent pain on the left side of the head could also be caused by factors such as colds or fever. It is important to observe whether the patient also has symptoms of upper respiratory infection, such as muscle soreness or sore throat.

3. If the intermittent pain is located in the posterior occipital region, it could be due to occipital neuralgia, which often manifests as stabbing or knife-like pains.

2. What Should I Do When I Have a Headache?

1. Hot compresses can be used to alleviate headache symptoms. Similar to cold compresses, they involve soaking a towel in hot water, wringing it out, and applying it to the face. Rubbing the towel back and forth can help increase blood circulation in the face, thereby relieving headache pain.

2. Cold compresses are an effective method for relieving headache pain, especially for headaches caused by colds, fever, or alcohol consumption. A wet towel or ice pack can be applied to the forehead, and the cooling sensation can instantly ease the pain.

3. We can learn a set of massage techniques and apply them to specific acupoints on the head when experiencing a headache. Combining this with ear-covering and tapping techniques can enhance the effect, although the results may not be as significant as other methods. If the headache is severe, it is advisable to take a break and rest.

4. Common causes of headaches include colds, wind-cold invasion, and elevated blood pressure. In such cases, acupuncture treatment at a traditional Chinese medicine clinic can be helpful. After the needles are inserted into the acupoints, the headache symptoms will gradually ease.

5. Taking a hot shower can effectively relieve headache pain. Not only does it relax the nerves, but it also promotes blood circulation. Once the nerves are relaxed, the headache symptoms will be alleviated. It is important to note that after showering, the hair should be dried immediately to avoid catching a cold and worsening the headache sensation.

6. Rest is crucial when experiencing headache symptoms. These symptoms may be caused by excessive fatigue. In such cases, it is advisable to take a break and allow the brain to rest fully. Once the brain has had sufficient rest, the headache symptoms will often improve.