How much does a session of psychological counseling cost?

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The cost of a psychological consultation ranges from several hundred yuan to two thousand yuan, depending on how the doctor charges. Many people have a wrong understanding of psychological consultation, believing that it is meaningless. However, this is not the case. Psychological consultation can help patients release inner pressure, reduce mental burden, and reduce the risk of depression to a certain extent. How much does psychological consultation cost? 1. A complete psychological consultation takes about 50 minutes. In second- and third-tier cities, the general psychologist charges between 100-300 yuan per session, while well-known psychologists may charge 500-1000 yuan per session. 2. In big cities, the general psychologist charges 200-500 yuan per session, while well-known experts need more than 1000 yuan per session, and some top experts or academic authorities need around 2000 yuan per session. What is the use of psychological consultation? 1. With the continuous improvement of human material and spiritual civilization, people are gradually paying attention to how to comprehensively improve their quality of life, such as improving learning and work ability, maintaining the best working state, maintaining a peaceful living environment, and coordinating interpersonal relationships among family members and social members. 2. As a professional skill, psychological consultation can help people adjust their inner world and improve their quality of life.