What is the Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava in a Fetus?

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The permanent left superior vena cava in fetuses refers to the malformation of bilateral superior vena cava. In many cases, it is caused by the non-closure of the left anterior cardinal vein and the cuiver canal during the fetal period. In this case, further examination is required. Prenatal examination after pregnancy is very important. Active prenatal examination can timely understand the health status of the fetus and discover any abnormal problems in time, so as to achieve eugenics and quality breeding.

1. If the permanent left superior vena cava is found during pregnancy, chromosome and echocardiography examinations should be performed. However, if it is only a simple case of permanent left superior vena cava without other malformations or adverse problems, it actually has little impact on the fetus. In this case, regular prenatal examination can ensure normal pregnancy. 2. Therefore, it is generally recommended for pregnant women to undergo regular and timely prenatal examination during pregnancy, so as to understand the specific condition of the fetus and whether there are any adverse problems in their own bodies. Timely discovery and timely treatment measures are effective methods to ensure the safety of the fetus and their own bodies. Do not neglect the importance of prenatal examination just because you think it is troublesome. 3. During the entire pregnancy, it is also important to try to avoid exposure to radiation or other things that may cause radiation, as they may pose a threat to the health of the fetus. At the same time, pregnant women should maintain a relaxed and pleasant mood, as irritability, depression, and other negative emotions may have adverse effects on the healthy development of the fetus.