Why Is My Childs Stool Green?

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As parents, they will be very concerned about their babies' conditions in daily life, and they will be very worried when their babies' bodies show some abnormal phenomena. When babies have green stool, many parents are very worried and afraid that their babies may have some intestinal diseases. In fact, the green stool of babies may be caused by diet, and many factors in life can lead to green stool. So what is the reason for children's green stool? (1) Breastfeeding babies have green stool. The color of stool is closely related to the chemical changes of bile. Bile in the upper part of the small intestine contains bilirubin and biliverdin, which makes the stool yellowish green. When the stool is pushed to the colon, biliverdin is reduced to bilirubin, and the stool becomes yellow. The stool of breastfed babies is slightly acidic. Under the action of intestinal bacteria, some bilirubin is converted into biliverdin, making the excreted stool light green, which is a normal phenomenon. If the baby eats well and is in good condition, the new mother doesn't need to worry. This is just a temporary phenomenon, and it will improve as the baby grows up. (2) Cold abdomen. If the milk the child eats is a little cool or the child's abdomen and feet are cold, it may cause green stool. This is because coldness can lead to excessive intestinal motility, and biliverdin in the colon is not reduced to bilirubin in time, so it appears green. This is one of the common reasons for green stool. Green stool caused by this reason may also have symptoms similar to cold. If there is only green stool, pay attention to keeping the abdomen warm, especially at night, and it will recover after a few days. If there are symptoms of cold, symptomatic treatment should be given at the same time. (3) Hunger. Some babies may have green stool because they are not full. Hunger can accelerate intestinal motility and cause green stool. Babies may cry and be agitated due to hunger, which is easy to distinguish from other situations. In this case, as long as you increase the milk volume and let the baby eat enough, it will be fine. (4) Iron-fortified formula milk powder. The stool of artificially fed babies is alkaline, which can further convert part of fecal bilirubin into fecal urobilinogen. Fecal urobilinogen is colorless, so the stool is mostly light yellow. If the iron in the formula milk powder the baby eats is not completely absorbed, it will also make his stool green. Therefore, whether the stool is green or not is not a big problem. As long as you check that the frequency and consistency of your child's stool are normal, you don't need to worry too much.