What Should I Do When I Sweat a Lot in Summer?

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Sweating is a normal excretion function of the human body. Especially in summer, many people tend to sweat easily due to the influence of high temperatures, and this situation is unavoidable. The only thing that needs to be noted is to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odors. Sweat odor is most likely to occur when sweating a lot, and the main thing to prevent is the production of sweat odor. We can take some measures to prevent it. So, what should we do if we sweat all over our body in summer? Let's take a look below.

1. Pay attention to diet and avoid eating too much spicy and stimulating food, especially odor-producing foods such as raw onions. They will emit unpleasant odors when excreted as sweat during the body's metabolism. Instead, eat more calcium-rich foods such as milk, soy products, shrimp skins, seaweed, fish, bone broth, and green leafy vegetables. 2. Pay attention to hygiene. Sweat odor is produced when sweat is decomposed by bacteria. Keeping the body clean can reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent the occurrence of underarm odor. You can use disinfectant (such as Dettol) or disinfectant soap to bathe two to three times a day. If you cannot bathe regularly due to work, you should regularly clean your armpits. After exercising and sweating a lot, take a shower as soon as possible to prevent bacteria from multiplying and causing stronger odors. 3. Wear breathable clothing. Some people think that wearing long-sleeved clothes can cover up underarm odor, but in fact, it will only make the odor stronger. Long-sleeved clothes, especially woolen clothes, can increase sweating, accelerate the decomposition of sweat by bacteria, and the odor cannot disperse, making it worse. Therefore, in hot weather, it is recommended to wear breathable, loose, and thin clothing. 4. Reduce sweating. The situation of underarm odor is particularly severe in hot weather because of excessive sweating. Therefore, the use of antiperspirants can help reduce sweating. Antiperspirants can block the channels of sweat secretion and have antibacterial and disinfectant effects. Basically, applying once a day is sufficient. If the situation is severe, you can apply two to three times, but not too frequently. 5. Drink lactic acid beverages regularly. Drinking lactic acid beverages frequently can be effective in treating underarm odor. Lactic acid beverages can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body, thereby reducing the excretion of bacteria through the sweat glands from the skin. Bacteria dislike growing in acidic environments. 6. Keep the body clean. Shower daily to keep the underarms clean, and wash the clothes that come into contact with them every day. Consider shaving off underarm hair, which can easily breed bacteria, especially during the sweaty summer season.