Should I Remove My Clothing for a CT Scan?

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Many employers begin to organize physical examinations for employees in spring, especially those with high mental stress and frequent business trips, and the physical examination items will be more comprehensive. CT examination can detect many diseases in many parts of the body, but some women are worried about whether they need to take off their clothes for CT examination. In fact, it is not necessary to take off clothes for CT examination. Let's take a look at the precautions for CT examination together.

Can you eat before a chest CT?

Yes, you can eat before a chest CT, but it should be noted that during the examination, the patient needs to cooperate with the examination through breathing, hold their breath during scanning to prevent artifacts. Some diseases, such as massive lung lesions, should be diagnosed through enhanced CT scanning. Therefore, patients should fast for four hours before the examination. If the examination is for the abdomen, they should not undergo barium radiography within one week before the examination and should avoid eating foods that are easy to produce gas. There are many things to understand before a chest CT examination to avoid mistakes.

What should be noted before CT examination?

1. Make an appointment on the day before the examination, and the doctor will inform you of the precautions.

2. Do not eat, receive intravenous infusion, do intense exercise or prolonged exercise for 4 hours before the test.

3. Pregnant or lactating women should inform the doctor of their condition when making an appointment.

4. Do not change the scheduled date of the examination casually. If you cannot be examined on time, you should inform the doctor 24 hours in advance by phone.

5. Prepare all the necessary materials on the day of the examination.

6. Register first before the examination, then measure weight and blood sugar, undergo intravenous injection of imaging agent, and wait for one hour after injection.

7. Urinate before the examination, take off metal items, drink water as directed, cooperate with the doctor during the examination, and do not move your body randomly.

8. Wait for the doctor's notification before leaving after the examination.

9. Special preparation is generally not required for chest examination.