What Are the Functions of Herbal Pillows?

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The effect of traditional Chinese medicine pillows is very evident. Nowadays, many people choose to use buckwheat hulls or cassia seeds as pillows. These pillows can refresh and clear the mind, balance qi and blood, regulate yin and yang, and prevent diseases. Due to the stimulation of the herbs, traditional Chinese medicine pillows can effectively prevent the occurrence of poor blood circulation and have a certain effect of dredging meridians. Additionally, they can also have a certain sedative, analgesic, or vasodilator effect, which can help improve brain function. The benefits of traditional Chinese medicine pillows are quite significant. If you experience excessive fatigue, insomnia, or frequent dreams, using these pillows for health maintenance can help prevent aging and promote better sleep. Regular use can even extend lifespan. External treatment with traditional Chinese medicine is an important component of Chinese medical science. It is equally important and complementary to internal treatment, and can compensate for its shortcomings. Pillow therapy falls within the category of external treatment. Simply placing the pillow under your head while sleeping allows the herbs to work through the blood vessels, nerves, and meridians without direct contact with the body. This results in minimal absorption and virtually no toxic reactions, making it safe and reliable. It can be used to treat illnesses, prevent aging, and is especially suitable for those who have difficulty swallowing medications, as it is safe and non-toxic.