Why Do I Feel a Chill on the Top of My Head?

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The sensation of coolness on the top of the head is likely due to the presence of significant vascular atherosclerosis or neurosis. These symptoms may all contribute to the phenomenon of coolness on the top of the head. When this occurs, prompt treatment should be sought, and warmth measures should be taken in daily life. If the situation is severe, medication should be taken promptly under the guidance of a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

1. Vascular Atherosclerosis.

Generally, in this condition, the small arteries will undergo pathological changes, and may lead to decreased elasticity and narrowing, resulting in insufficient blood supply and a sensation of coolness on the top of the head. It is recommended to expose oneself to sunlight regularly, which can effectively promote blood circulation. Regular exercise should also be performed, and medication can be taken for treatment when the body is dilated.

2. Neurosis.

The clinical manifestations of neurosis are diverse, and each patient may have different symptoms. Coolness on the top of the head is a common symptom. When necessary, prompt medication should be taken for treatment. B vitamins can be taken under the guidance of a doctor, and anti-anxiety or antidepressant medication can also be prescribed as needed.