How to Perform Rehabilitation Training for Sacroiliac Joint Movement?

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After the pelvis is impacted or hit by external forces, it is common to experience damage and imbalance in the sacroiliac joint. The stability of the sacroiliac joint relies on the surrounding ligaments, and many people are prone to ligament strains during exercise, leading to sacroiliac joint damage. Rehabilitation training is recommended to address this, such as swimming, hip joint exercises in standing position, wall-assisted stretching, and hamstring stretches. There are several main types of rehabilitation exercises:

1. Bed Exercises

These exercises are typically performed in a sitting position. With feet touching, knees open outward, and the upper body pressing down, you can practice the range of motion of the joints around the hip. Meditation poses, such as lotus position, can also be practiced.

2. Swimming

If conditions permit, swimming can be a great exercise for strengthening the lower limbs and providing a wide range of motion for the sacroiliac joint. It also helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the sacroiliac joint.

3. Standing Hip Joint Exercises

Stand upright, then press down on both hands on the top of the iliac crest on both sides. Flex and extend the hips, rotate them left and right 20 times each, and lift the affected buttock and lower leg 20 times.

4. Hamstring Stretches

These exercises involve keeping the leg straight and feeling the stretch in the hamstring muscles. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds, relax, and repeat five times.

5. Wall-Assisted Stretching

This exercise can help relax the thigh muscles. Standing with one hand on the wall, pull one ankle up towards the buttocks, hold for 30 seconds, relax, and repeat five times. Then switch to the other leg and repeat the same actions.