Can Kaisenlu be Used on the Face for Whitening and Skin Care?

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Kaiselu Cannot Be Used for Face Whitening and Skin Care

Kaiselu contains glycerol, which is a colorless, clear, viscous liquid. It is a lubricating laxative and a non-prescription drug. When injected into the rectum, Kaiselu is not absorbed and can lubricate and stimulate the intestinal wall, softening the stool and facilitating defecation.

Second, the Efficacy of Kaiselu

Kaiselu is a colorless, clear, viscous liquid containing glycerol. It belongs to lubricating laxatives and non-prescription drugs. After being injected into the rectum, the drug is not absorbed, but can lubricate and stimulate the intestinal wall, soften the stool and make it easy to excrete. It has a gentle laxative effect. Kaiselu can also be used externally, with moisturizing effect, which can keep the local skin flexible, moist and prevent drying.

Third, Precautions Before Using Kaiselu

1. It is forbidden to use Kaiselu when its properties change (such as turbidity, precipitation, etc.). When opening Kaiselu, attention should be paid to the smooth and tidy nozzle. 2. It is forbidden to use Kaiselu after the original packaging is unsealed for one month. If the specific unsealing time of Kaiselu packaging is not clear, it should be avoided to use.

Fourth, How Long Can the Effect of Kaiselu Last Generally?

1. Kaiselu only relieves constipation symptoms, and the effect will weaken with repeated use. 2. Patients also need to improve their lifestyle, increase dietary fiber and water intake, drink more water, exercise moderately, and develop good bowel habits, such as trying to defecate within two hours after waking up or after meals. 3. Concentrating on defecation and reducing the interference of external factors can truly improve the condition of constipation.