How to Recover from Neck Muscle Strain?

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When the neck muscles are strained, it is important to rest, and relief can be achieved through methods such as hot compresses, exercise, and medication. It is also crucial to choose a more comfortable pillow for sleeping. Frequent fatigue or constantly looking down can lead to strain in the neck muscles, which may be accompanied by pain and other symptoms, limiting the flexibility of the neck. It is necessary to take measures to address this issue as soon as possible.

Methods to Restore Neck Muscle Strain

1. Rest: Holding the same position for a long time can easily lead to neck muscle strain. It is recommended to take a break and move around after every hour of work or study. Additionally, it is essential to avoid staying up late and maintain sufficient sleep.

2. Hot Compress: If the neck muscles are painful due to strain, a hot compress can be applied using a warm towel or hot water bag to promote blood circulation and eliminate muscle spasms. Taking a hot bath can also help improve neck muscle strain.

3. Aerobic Exercise: Regularly performing swimming exercises such as chest expansion, playing badminton, swimming, and swallow fly can help alleviate neck muscle pain.

4. Comfortable Pillow: Since people spend a significant amount of time sleeping, it is crucial to choose a comfortable pillow with the appropriate height. Pillows that are too high or too low can damage the neck muscles.

5. Medication: Herbal medicines like Sanqi, Danggui, and Honghua can be used to soothe muscles, promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. These herbs can be taken under medical advice to alleviate muscle strain. Additionally, applying topical ointments like Yunnan Baiyao plaster or Shexiang Hugu plaster, which have the effects of promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, reducing swelling, and resolving blood stasis, can also be helpful.