Does the SunHope Beauty Instrument Have Any Side Effects?

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Due to the lack of clarity regarding the contents used in the Shanghe beauty instrument, it is difficult to determine whether there are any side effects. It is recommended that you go to a more professional place for facial treatments, and choose suitable products or methods based on your own skin condition. Do not believe some beauty institutions or TV advertisements, as many of them exaggerate the effects. When you actually go to do it, they may even add hormonal substances, which can lead to dependency.

1. Skin Care Tips

1. Whitening and Lightening of Dark Spots: Whitening mainly focuses on brightening the skin tone, improving dull complexion, and enhancing the overall color of the skin. Lightening of dark spots: While whitening products may not necessarily lighten dark spots, lightening products definitely have strong whitening effects. The main function of lightening products is to target the root causes of some spots or skin imperfections, effectively improving stubborn pigmentation and cellular inflammation.

2. Hydration and Moisturizing: Hydration simply replenishes the skin with water, making the skin cells expand, become plump and healthy. This can be achieved through the use of toner and sheet masks. Click on the skin test at the end of the article to learn more about detailed skin care plans suitable for your skin type. Moisturizing is mainly to prevent the loss of water and sebum from the skin. It enhances the skin's sealing ability and combats dryness through the use of ingredients such as gums, oils, and other moisturizing components.

3. Anti-aging and Firming: Anti-aging aims to make wrinkles and creases on the skin less noticeable, fading the signs of aging that have already appeared. However, it is generally ineffective for congenital forehead lines and neck lines. Firming products contain many collagen-stimulating and anti-aging ingredients that can lift the skin contour and improve facial sagging.