Can Pregnant Women Receive Massages on Their Lower Back?

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Pregnant women can appropriately undergo lumbar massage. Mainly, during pregnancy, as the fetus grows, it can increase the pressure on the lumbar vertebrae, leading to lumbar pain in pregnant women. Therefore, when pregnant women experience lumbar pain, they can choose to have a professional lumbar massage performed by a professional. However, they should not perform the massage blindly to avoid compressing the fetus and causing premature birth. Additionally, pregnant women should adjust the posture of their lumbar vertebrae and get sufficient rest.

1. Methods of Massage

Generally, pregnant women with lumbar pain should not receive a massage, especially if the masseuse has no experience. Improper massage may compress the fetus, leading to miscarriage or premature birth. Pregnant women can gently press their lumbar region with their palms, but the pressure should not be excessive. This can help accelerate blood circulation in the lumbar region and relieve lumbar pain.

2. Causes of Lumbar Pain in Pregnant Women

The reason for lumbar pain in pregnant women is the slow growth of the fetus, which stimulates the pelvic floor muscles and causes the abdominal muscles to thin and stretch. This reduction in the ability of the muscles surrounding the lumbar region can lead to lumbar pain. To relieve lumbar pain, it is recommended to avoid performing percussive movements to prevent miscarriage. Applying heat to the lumbar region or changing positions can help improve lumbar pain. When standing for extended periods, pregnant women are advised to support their abdomen with their hands to reduce strain on the lumbar muscles.

3. Methods to Relieve Lumbar Pain in Pregnant Women

When pregnant women undergo massage, it is best to consult a professional doctor at the hospital. The massage technique should not be too heavy, and percussive movements should be avoided, especially on sensitive areas such as the abdomen and the lumbar-sacral region. This is to prevent premature birth or miscarriage. It is also recommended for pregnant women to prevent and reduce backache during the late stages of pregnancy by avoiding lifting heavy objects, maintaining good posture, staying warm to prevent back chills, and seeking medical attention if the pain persists.