What Should I Do if My Back Hurts Due to Catching a Chill?

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Causes and Solutions of Lumbago Due to Cold Exposure

The causes of lumbago are relatively complex. In most cases, the pain in the lumbar region is associated with lumbar disc herniation. However, if proper insulation of the waist is not maintained, it may lead to cold exposure, causing lumbago. This issue is more common in women. So, what should be done when lumbago occurs due to cold exposure?

1. Pay Attention to Warmth

Since the lumbago is caused by cold exposure, keeping warm is naturally crucial. It is essential to take care promptly, dress warmly, and apply a warm patch to the waist. Female friends should wear high-waisted pants in winter and avoid sleeping on the desk to prevent cold exposure. Additionally, wearing a waistband can help maintain warmth, protect the waist, and relieve pain.

2. Apply a Salt Packet to the Waist

For pain caused by cold exposure in the waist, a hot water bottle or preferably a salt packet can be used for application. Heat the salt packet in the microwave for about 3-5 minutes until it feels hot to the touch. Apply it directly to the affected area, but be careful not to burn the skin. Reheat and reapply after it cools down to dispel coldness, promote blood circulation, and relieve pain.

3. Rub the Waist

Avoid sitting for extended periods during work or daily activities. Frequently stand up and walk around. It is also beneficial to perform waist massages to generate heat and improve blood circulation in the waist. Rub the waist vigorously up and down, resting when the arms feel tired and continuing until a comfortable warmth is felt. Then, wear a waistband to maintain warmth.

4. Apply a Plaster

After cold exposure, the waist may feel sore or aching. Applying a plaster with blood-activating, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects to the painful area can effectively relieve symptoms. Choose a plaster that provides warmth and helps reduce pain.