Who Should Avoid Using Safflower?

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Safflower is not suitable for people with heat in their bodies, hypertensive patients, and some pregnant women. In fact, safflower itself has a high value and function, but it is a different story for some special groups of people. Because it has a very good effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, if taken by people with heat in their bodies, it may lead to aggravation of symptoms and is more likely to cause heat and inflammation. Hypertensive patients are also not suitable for using safflower. In traditional Chinese medicine, hypertensive patients belong to a yang-sheng constitution. While promoting blood circulation, safflower does not have the effect of clearing heat downward, so it is easy to cause repeated lowering of blood pressure. Women during menstruation should also avoid using safflower. Safflower promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis. Using it during menstruation can easily cause an increase in menstrual flow and lead to excessive blood loss, which may cause anemia or other adverse conditions. Therefore, do not use safflower during menstruation when the body is in a special state. It is also important to be vigilant about the possibility of poisoning when using safflower. Because some people may misuse it, they may show symptoms such as lethargy, unconsciousness, tremors, and convulsions. Some people may also develop adverse symptoms such as dizziness and skin rashes.