What Are the Potential Side Effects of Consuming Fat Sea?

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Many people like to drink water with Fattiahai on a regular basis, as it can relieve some discomfort in the throat area. However, frequently drinking Fattiahai also has disadvantages, as it is a type of Chinese medicinal material and has certain side effects. What are the side effects of eating Fattiahai? Let's introduce in detail the side effects of Fattiahai on the human body below.

1. Burden on Liver and Kidneys

Fattiahai actually has a certain toxicity. Although it is a pure Chinese medicine, there is a certain difference between it and food that can be used as medicine. The process of soaking Fattiahai in water mainly involves detoxification through our kidneys, which may cause a certain burden on the liver and kidneys. If taken for a long time, the side effects may be more severe.

2. Affecting Gastrointestinal Health

Fattiahai has a cool medicinal property and can effectively promote small intestine motility. If taken for a long time, it may cause loss of appetite or diarrhea. Especially for people with poor gastrointestinal health, it may worsen their condition and even cause intestinal bleeding. It is recommended to pay attention to the dosage when taking it.

3. Affecting Recovery from Cold

For people with a cold, it is not recommended to take Fattiahai, as it may worsen their cold symptoms and even slow down their recovery. Fattiahai has certain toxic and side effects, and it is recommended for allergic individuals to avoid taking it as slight carelessness may cause allergic reactions and even endanger their life and health.

4. Causing Elevated Blood Sugar

Fattiahai naturally contains substances such as galactose and acetogalactose. If taken in large quantities during use, it may lead to elevated blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is recommended that diabetics avoid soaking Fattiahai in water as it may prevent effective control of their blood sugar levels.